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Rough Opal

Rough Opal and Rubbed Opal.

Rough Opal is Natural Mined Solid Opal, Untouched / Un-Altered. (Straight from the Ground)
Rubbed Opal is Natural Mined Solid Opal that has been “Rubbed” on Diamond Cutting Wheels to Expose the Colour-Bar in the Opal.

This Category consists of Rubbed Opal from the Lightning Ridge Opal Fields of Australia.

The Rubbed Opal here is Faced-Off and Roughly Shaped to expose the Colour-Bar of each individual Opal. All of these Opals have been mined on the Lightning Ridge and surrounding Opal Fields, including Grawin, Glengarry and the Coocoran Opal Fields. This Opal is perfect for the Opal Dealer or Opal enthusiast wanting to make profit by finishing (Cutting & Polishing) each of these Australian Gemstones. Enjoy! Please Note: There are No Refunds for “Rough Opal” or “Rough Rubbed Opal” on this Website. Every Individually Listed Cut Opal or Opal Jewellery will however, come with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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